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In Nashville, we brought together seven amazing women from three countries who knew they wanted something else but weren’t sure how to get there. 

We spent time:

  • Creating community

  • Going deep into ourselves to discover what it was we really wanted

  • Taking time to dig into the experiential exercises and bare it all

  • Getting real and honest with ourselves and each other

  • Laughing, crying, hugging, and building each other up

  • Experiencing Nashville because how could we go and not experience live music and amazing southern food!

  • Looking long-term and then working to get closer and closer and closer, creating that roadmap to follow

  • Celebrating! Celebrating the deep work, the new friendships, the breakthroughs, the raw power of standing in our truth, Nashville, and ourselves!


As we continue to stay in touch and Mastermind for six months, the progress is priceless! What’s happened so far? 

How about these results:

  • Owning our value – two attendees stood up and stood tall and asked for our value and got it

  • Going big – three attendees took their business to new levels of exciting progress

  • Getting after it – one attendee already wrote her new business plan

  • Connecting – several attendees connected deeper with family and friends

  • Standing in their truth – absolutely every attendee is owning more of who they are, what their value is, and taking real and meaningful steps to realize their dreams! That’s the magic!

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