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Women Who Dream: Stories to inspire big beliefs and big dreams

In this special edition of Women Who Dream, Addy Kujawa, CAE, DES, shares her personal story of resilience and resolve. Working her way up from an administrative assistant to the CEO of not one, but three companies, her journey is not just of going from small town to big city, but of going from beat down to success. At its heart is the hope of helping others to see that the past does not have to dictate the future and that dreams are always possible. 

From a recognized and established industry leader and professional

Addy is a Jack Canfield Success Principles® Certified Transformation Trainer, Certified Association Executive, certified Digital Event Strategist, and a RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) facilitator. She is the CEO for the American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives and Little Radical Changes, the latter founded with her husband in the middle of Covid in the spirit of beginning something to serve others in a big and meaningful way. She is also the CEO of Where Travel Meets Transformation, a company just starting to spread its wings bringing the experience of her transformational training to participants that want to also experience this big, beautiful, amazing world and all that it holds. 

Who is also a mom, sister, and daughter

When Addy is not rocking the national and international stage, she's making time to be a mom to her two beautiful, and incredibly amazing children, Xavier and Sophie, reading for several book clubs, traveling and seeing friends, and generally doing whatever she can to experience this life, meet people, and enjoy adventure.

In collaboration with Kate Butler, #1 best-selling and award-winning author

Kate Butler has brought the stories of over 400 women to the global stage in 277 best-selling books! You can find out more about Kate Butler here.

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